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It’s the only life I know is a poster and mail project that has developed through discussion between [insertspace], a new artist-led organisation based in Birmingham, and artists Andy Hewitt & Mel Jordan. Artists Dave Beech, Mark Hutchinson and Oliver Ressler have been invited by Hewitt & Jordan to produce text-based posters around notions of publics, space, art and democracy. The four posters, when seen together, form a context for these ideas to be discussed.

The posters have been displayed and distributed free from places accessible to the public in Birmingham. (For details of the distribution sites see [insertspace] website). In addition the posters have been sent to a number of national and international art organisations with a request for them to be displayed in the most ‘public’ space within the institution/ context. It is through the postal project that we hope to further disseminate the works and engage visitors with the issues raised in the works.

Mill-Workers, Islington Mill, James Street, Manchester, UK

Dave Beech’s work acts as an assembly for society’s misfits. The text allows them to recognise their power as a group, to ‘unite’ and claim their right to a political voice. The list is one that can be infinitely added to, leading us to think about how our society pigeonholes groups and individuals.

Hewitt & Jordan are currently working on three statements about the function of public art in our culture. For It’s the only life I know, they have made a photo document of The social function of public art is to subject us to civic behaviour. They utilised a display case on the side of the empty plinth in Trafalgar Square to present the statement, the plinth has become a regular venue for projects that declare an interest in public art.

Mark Hutchinson’s Propositions on Art and the Public presents us with a set of thought-provoking statements about art’s production, appearance and audience. Hutchinson’s work addresses the sites art is seen in, and leaves us to consider our own stance in relation to points such as ‘Art must manage without a public’.

Oliver Ressler’s text stems from his current project Alternative Economics, Alternative Societies. The poster is an example of this ongoing project, focusing on diverse concepts and models for alternative economies and societies, which all have in common a rejection of the capitalist system of rule.

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[insertspace] is a new organisation based in Birmingham. Projects develop out of collaborations with artists and curators. [insertspace] aspires to challenge the relationship between art and audience by working across public sites and contexts.
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Dave Beech was a prominent member of the young London art scene in the mid-90’s, working with BANK. He has had solo shows in London and Berlin. Beech is also a writer, and was the co-author of the Verso anthology “The Philistine Controversy”.

Hewitt & Jordan are based in Sheffield, they make works, curate projects and publish. Recent projects include: Real Estate curated by B+B, ICA London, The Aesthetic Function, with Dave Beech, curated by Gavin Wade, Venice Biennial. Recent publications ‘I Fail to Agree’ published by SITE Gallery.

Mark Hutchinson is an artist based in London, his recent shows include There is Always an Alternative, with Dave Beech, and Escape from Studio Voltaire. Hutchinson also regularly writes on art.

Oliver Ressler, lives and works in Vienna. Ressler is an artist who is doing projects on various socio-political themes. His ongoing project “Alternative Economics, Alternative Societies” has so far been realized in solo-exhibitions in Slovenia, Germany, Spain, Turkey and Serbia.

Mill Workers
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