Hewitt & Jordan Biography - December 2005

Andy Hewitt and Mel Jordan have been collaborating since 1999.
We have worked with many partners, agencies and contexts within the public realm: in education, design and planning, and regeneration. Our practice is concerned with the discourse around arts social potential and its relationship to public space and the public sphere. Recent works discuss the ‘functions’ of public art and the notion of public good in relationship to social and economic regeneration policy. We are also preoccupied with the question of social change and its relationship to how we regard and understand notions of utopia. The text works have been produced as billboards, beermats, badges and posters.
Mel Jordan also co-edits The Internationaler with Dave Beech

We also work in collaboration with Dave Beech on the body of work entitled Sloganneering, this includes The Aesthetic Function, shown at the Venice Biennale with support from the British Council and funding from Arts Council England.

Our works have become part of the discourse around culture led regeneration, most recently discussed in an essay by Dr. Malcolm Miles entitled Interruptions: Testing the Rhetoric of Culturally Led Urban Development’, Urban Studies Journal.

Forthcoming projects include: A book entitled Futurology, including texts by Mark Hutchinson, Esther Leslie and Malcolm Miles. The book explores culure-led regeneration and maps our recent project at New Art Gallery, Walsall. EAST International 2006, Selectors Dirk Snauwaert & Jeremy Deller, Norwich Gallery, UK. Luzboa - International Biennale of Light, Lisbon, Portugal.

Recent projects include: The Neo-imperial Function for Public Structures (curated by Gavin Wade), Second Guangzhou Triennial, China, (with Dave Beech) curated by Hou Hanru and Hans Ulrich Obrist. London in Six Easy Steps: Real Estate: Art In A Changing City, Curated by B+B, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, The Aesthetic Function (with Dave Beech) curated by Gavin Wade for Strategic Question No. 31, What are Aesthetics?, 51st Venice Biennale, It’s the only life I know co-curated mail and poster project for [insertspace], Birmingham, Three Functions, Vitrine, SituationLeeds, Risk, Centre of Contemporary Art, Glasgow, Futurology: The Black Country 2024, New Art Gallery Walsall, No Respect, Dublin, Eire. The Americans are Coming, Artranspennine03.

Recent publications: I Fail to Agree, texts by Dave Beech and Hewitt + Jordan, also artist interview with Becky Shaw. Published by SITE Gallery, Sheffield, distributed by Cornerhouse.
(ISBN 1 899926 31 3). Three Functions, with essay Sloganeering by Dave Beech. Published by Vitrine, Leeds. ISBN 0 9550217 0 7.

Selected Articles
'London in Six Easy Steps'
, edited by Jens Hoffmann and Rob Bowman, ICA, London, ISBN 1900 300 47 8
'Interruptions: Testing the Rhetoric of Culturally Led Urban Development’, by Malcolm Miles, Urban Studies, Vol 42, Nos 5/6, 889-911, May 2005, ISSN 0042-0980
‘Liverpool Biennale 04 – Notes of a Traveller’, Third Text, Vol.19, Issue 5, 2005 pg 317 – 322. ISSN 0952-8822
‘Found in Translation’, Louise O’Reilly, pg 16-17, Re Views: Artists and Public Space ed. by Louise O’Reilly, ISBN 1 904772 20 X
‘Unbridled Lust’, Alberto Duman, pg 26-38 Desirable Places ed. by Emma Larkinson, ISBN 1873352042, Sept 2004
‘Exchange Rate for Culture’, Lucy Byatt, pg 34- 39 Architecture in Scotland 2002 –2004 ed. by Dr Stuart MacDonald, ISBN 1-905061-00-5, Sept 2004
‘Who Can Fail’ Cherry Smyth, Exhibition essay NO RESPECT, June 2004

Selected Reviews
'Ideas grown from the seeds of revolution', Duncan Macmillian, The Scotsman, 15 April 2005
'RISK', Leon McDermott, The Metro, 1 April 2005
‘Futurology: The Black Country 2024’, Alberto Duman, [a-n] magazine, pg 8 -9 Oct 2004
‘Futurology’, Martin Vincent, The Future Magazine, pg 5, Oct 2004
‘Futurology: The Black Country 2024’, Jonathan Trayner, Artistaids.com (www.artistsaid.com/criticalforum.asp)
‘The Economic Function’, ARTNOTES, Art Monthly pg 14, June 2004 (No 277)
‘Outwardbound’, Matt Price, frieze, issue 69, pg 120, Sept 2002
'Outwardbound', Natasha Soobramanien, [a-n] magazine, pg 7, July 2002
Outwardbound', Robert Clark, The Guardian Guide pg 34, 11 May 2002
'Whistler', John Cornall, [a-n] magazine pg 8, Feb 2002
'The Latest Weapon in the Fight Against Crime -Whistling Bobbies', Alistair Self, Mail on Sunday, 2 Dec 2001
'Whistler', 'Have I Got News For You', BBC National TV, 7 Dec 2001
'Work - Shy' Sarah Kent, Time Out, pg 49, Nov 7 - 14, 2001
'Light-Proof / A Prova di Luce', Alan Rogers, [a-n] magazine pg 38, Oct 2001
'WING 21', S.Mark Gubb, Home Cooking Magazine, pg 38, Apr 2001
The Rise of the Young Community Artist (yCa)', Emma Safe, [a-n] magazine pg 25 - 27, Jan 2001

Selected Writing
'Art, Culture & Change', Casa D’Os Dias da Agua, Lisbon, Portugal.
Malcolm Miles and Hewitt & Jordan. An event in antipation of the International Luzboa Biennale of Light Lisbon June 2006. Organized by Extramuros, French Embassy, Britsih Council, Escola Superior de Arte e Design das Caldas da Rainha.
Functions, Functionality and Functionlessness', Public Sphere: Between Contestation and Reconciliation. Paper delivered for conference organized by National Association of Art Critics, Armenia.
'Gangs’ Artist’s Story: Hewitt and Jordan. [a-n] magazine, pg 5, July 2005.
'Talking Up the Social', Essay for PRESS CORPS, STATIC, Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool UK
WINNER - Liverpool 7-2, Chain 10: public forms Magazine, pg 145 – 154, Oct 2004, ISBN1930068247
The Americans Are Coming!, Chain 10: public forms Magazine, pg 155 – 157, Oct 2004, ISBN 1930068247
'I Fail to Agree' essay, Interventions, edited by Malcolm Miles & Tim Hall, Published by Intellect Books, Bristol UK, pg 107 - 120, Dec 2004. ISBN 1841501182

29 December 2005

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