Year of the Artist Residency. Dec 2000 - Mar 2001. A new virtual gallery wing for Derby Museum & Art Gallery using only a projector, a bracket & 21 Slides.

We undertook a tour of UK Art Spaces to look not at the art but the furnishings of the galleries themselves. The resulting installation was a new virtual gallery wing for Derby Museum, an exhibition space comprised of slide projections; made without cement and with only a bare minimum of resources. WING 21 is a virtual gallery which attempts to challenge the direction of its high profile counterparts.

What do these large-scale 'mega museums' contribute to contemporary art and cultural development? Whom are they designed for? Moreover, what does their accompanying entourage of furnishings, polished steel flooring, ex-industrial girders, and monumental staircases communicate about our cultural priorities? WING 21 is an attempt at a low budget, quiet alternative to the audacious 'art parade' without the need for the spacious trappings required to attract corporate sponsors.

Each image was projected for one day over 21 days

Photographs taken in The Lowry Centre, Ikon Gallery, The New Art Gallery Walsall and Site Gallery, Sheffield.
© 2005 Hewitt & Jordan