I Won An Artist In A Raffle, Public Art Forum Conference, @ Royal Court Theatre, London. April 3 2003. Co-ordinated and commissioned by Public Art Forum (currently ixia), UK

I Won an Artist in a Raffle is a new work by Andy Hewitt and Mel Jordan commissioned by Public Art Forum for their annual conference on 3rd April 2003. Delegates will be entered into a raffle where they can win the opportunity to commission the artists. The winner will receive a contract to allow them to use the ‘services’ of Hewitt and Jordan to develop an art project within their home, work place or
institutional context.
I Won an Artist in a Raffle examines the power relationship between artists and commissioners. Commissioners control the funding and artists need the opportunities and the money to make work. Artists submit their ideas and the commissioners’ make their selection. To get the work artists have to fit with the commissioner’s agenda. In this project Hewitt and Jordan present a strategy to effect a more equal relationship. The random coupling of the artist and the raffle winner is a gamble, an unconventional and speculative method of commissioning an artwork.
The winner and the artists will have an opportunity to meet and declare their aims and agendas and then negotiate the form and structure of their collaborative project.
Hewitt and Jordan work collaboratively. Their practice is defined by its political and social engagement, its site-specificity/ responsiveness, and the fact that it is frequently process-based and its manifestations temporary. Working within particular institutions, structures and contexts, they arrive at artworks through processes or research, discussion and problematising everyday situations and conventions.

Allia Ali was the ‘winner’ of Hewitt & Jordan at the Public Art Forum Conference on 3rd April.

The artists are working in collaboration with the Allia to develop a new work, details will be posted on the Public Art Forum web site as the project unfolds.

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