Looping, Looping exhibition, Haagweg 4 PS, Leiden, NL, held from April 19 to May 26 2001.

Looping is an exhibition containing work of the following artists who have worked in the Project studio of Leiden's Artcentre between Aaugust 1999 and March 2002: Karin Bos, Fendry Ekel, Patricia Fijneman, duo Andy Hewitt & Mel Jordan, Astrid Honold and Jon Pengelly.

Hewitt & Jordan extend the idea of drawing collaboratively developed for the Workshy project. The connection between the two spaces - Haagweg 4 where the work was shown, and S1 Artspace where the work was made, was the starting point for this work responding to the curators title Looping. For Looping Hewitt & Jordan filmed the act of collborative drawing, the video emphasises the act of this absurd collaboration rather than the finished object.

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The Netherlands
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