Artists Cannot Bring Integrity to Your Project Unless They Provide a Full Candid Critique of Everything You Do, by Hewitt&Jordan+Dave Beech.
Screensaver for Art and Architecture Journal's 'National Public Art Conference' (detail), November 10 2005. Thanks to Students from Sheffield Hallam University

The neo-imperialist function of public art is to clear a path for aggressive economic expansion, Guangzhou, China

The Neo-Imperial Function: Final Site
Birmingham - Guangzhou - Birmingham

Gavin Wade invited us to take part in his project Public Structures which is a special project for the Second Guangzhou Triennial BEYOND: an extraordinary space of experimentation for modernization which is curated by Hou Hanru, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Guo Xiaoyan.In collaboration with Dave Beech.

The neo-imperial function is the latest in a series of text works entitled The Functions of Public Art by Hewitt&JordanDave Beech. Previous works in the series are: The Aesthetic Function of Public Art (Venice Biennale 2005); The Economic Function of Public Art; The Function of Public Art for Regeneration; and, The Social Function of Public Art. Each work in the series uses changes in site, scale and form to extend the critical potential of the statement.

The neo-imperial function is a text work in Mandarin. The work is also sequential, comprising of three phases, in two cities, over two months. The project began in Barford Street, Birmingham UK as a text work on a Maiden advertising billboard. The billboard was photographed, this photograph was made into a new poster and displayed in the city of Guangzhou. The Guangzhou poster in its new site was again photographed and exhibited at the Guangzhou Triennial. This image has now been returned to the original site in Birmingham, it is in this way the work occupies the same exchange
mechanisms of production and consumption that occurs in industrial, commercial and cultural relations between the UK and China.
Guangzhou and Birmingham are twinned cities.
The function of public art in these relations is tied to commercial enterprise and the hope of establishing or maintaining an advantage in an economy shaped by  global asymmetries. For this reason the text for the neo-imperial function is meant to be always out of place – not fully at home and therefore not giving advantage clearly to one culture or another.

Site 1: Barford Street, Digbeth, Birmingham UK (7th - 20th November 2005).
Site 2: Guangzhou City & The Second Guangzhou Triennial (18th November -15 January 2006).
Site 3: Barford Street, Digbeth, Birmingham UK (7th - 20th December 2005).

Go to WORK and click on The Neo -imperialist Function to see all three sites together.

This new work is a continuation of a series of text works entitled the Three Functions that discuss the functionality of public art.

Special thanks to Maiden Outdoor Advertising

29 December 2005

Art, Culture & Change, Lisbon, Portugal
Malcolm Miles and Hewitt & Jordan

4 December 1800 at Casa D'Os Dias da Agua, Lisbon

An event in antipation of the International Luzboa Biennale of Light Lisbon June 2006.

Organized by Extramuros, French Embassy, Britsih Council, Escola Superior de Arte e Design das Caldas da Rainha, Casa d'Os Dias Agua

28 November 2005

Public Sphere: Between Contestation and Reconciliation, Yerevan, Armenia

In collaboration with Dave Beech we have been invited to give a paper, Functions, Functionality and Functionlessness at a conference entitled Public Sphere: Between Contestation and Reconciliation, three day symposium organized by National Association of Art Critics in Yerevan, Armenia. This symposium draws on critical research into concepts of the public sphere and its relation to public space and traditions of the public monument. It also explores the relation of individual and national identities as shaped by cultural environments, and the functions of cultural work in the future development of a democratic public sphere. The symposium is contextualized by the transition, in both eastern and western Europe, to a post-socialist period.

Speakers include: Vardan Azatyan, B+B, Angela Harutyunyan,
Paul Gough, Sophie Gerlach, Nazareth Karoyan, Malcom Miles,
Jane Rendell, Ann Schober and Stephen Wright

The symposium runs from 24th - 27th October 2005

1 November 2005

The Internationaler

The Internationaler is a new quarterly publication for contemporary art.

Its reviews favour areas overlooked by other magazines, its features aim for greater depth and more open-ended discussion.

The Internationaler has been established by artists in response to the global needs of their local situation. The Internationaler is edited by
Dave Beech and Mel Jordan.

It retails at £3 / €4 / $5 and is published four times at year in Liverpool, Manchester and Sheffield.

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4 October 2005

Real Estate: Art in a Changing City

We are making a new text work with Dave Beech, which will be sited on a billboard in East London during the Real Estate exhibition. The work The function of public art for regeneration is to sex up the control of the under classes’, is concerned with the way in which culture-led urban regeneration is advocated within regeneration strategies.

Real Estate: Art in a Changing City, an exhibition curated by B+B As part of London in Six Easy Steps at the ICA, 23–28 August, 2005. Opening Tuesday 23 August at 7.30pm at ICA.

Sunday 28th August:
14:00: Real Estate Agents. Join us for an afternoon of conversation hosted by B+B about strategies of intervention into changing land use in London to include presentations by Hames Levack, Loraine Leeson, Hewitt & Jordan and Dave Beech and a performance by Phil Coy. Location: ICA gallery. Booking: No need to book. This event is free with ICA day membership.

18 August 2005

31. What are aesthetics?
The Aesthetic Function of Public Art

by Hewitt & Jordan with Dave Beech
curated by Gavin Wade as part of his Strategic Questions projects
Venice Biennale, 8 June - 6 November 2005

Location of artwork: Ponte dei Barcaroli, on the Calle dei Frutariol, San Marco district, Venice Biennale, and free poster/publication available at various sites. (Poster /publication still available by request from Hewitt and Jordan)

Launched at Campo S. Fantin/bridge at Calle Chiesa,
San Marco, 5-6pm, Friday 10th June, 2005.

Supported by the British Council and the Arts Council, England.

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2 June 2005

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